Provincial House under snow… plenty of snow

“When it is winter, it is cold. This is the law of nature”, said a stoker to his boss by phone in one famous Polish comedy. Living in Eastern coast we can say, “when it is winter, it snows”. And it snows a lot. 16 inches? 20 inches? Who knows? After couple of storms in recent days our Provincial House in Manchester, CT is almost completely covered by snowdrop. However, as Fr. Rafal Kopystynski, Provincial said, “WE HAVE SURVIVED”. You can make sure he’s right watching these pictures shot at noon today. Fr. Marek Sadowski, Provincial Econome examines the situation.

You do not like slideshows? Then, watch the picture gallery in our FACEBOOOK page

Snow covered other places, too. Watch how St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY struggles to be reconnected to the world after recent snow storm. Watch:  “Winter at St. Stan’s picture gallery”


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