Easter Message from the Provincial of New England Province.

In the editorial of the current Provincial’s Newsletter we can read that the Resurrection is the crowning truth of the Christian Faith, with all basic doctrines founded on this truth and serving as the central theme of apostolic preaching. Easter guarantees our own resurrection and signifies a participation in the death and Resurrection of Christ through the [...]


Message from the Provincial for the Lent 2024

In the message from the Provincial, F. Marek Sobczak for the Lent 2024 we can read: “Lent is, for us, such a reset to get rid of the devil’s presence in our lives. To get rid of our failures, weaknesses, wrongdoings, and shortcuts. It is a time to turn around and become holy as [...]


From The Provincial’s Desk – December 2023 & January 2024 Newsletters

The latest editions of our Provincial’s  Newsletter – December 2023 and January 2024 – are here.  Inside you can find updates on our Confreres whereabouts, assignments , music concerts, pilgrimages and other news regarding our Province and our priests .

Click on the links below to read/download it. [...]


From The Provincial’s Desk – July, August & October 2023 Newsletters

The latest editions of the our Provincial’s  Newsletter – July, August & October 2023 – are here.  Inside you can find updates on our Confreres whereabouts, jubilees, assignments and other news regarding our Province . Click on the link below to read/download it. [...]


From The Provincial’s Desk – Newsletter March 2023

The latest edition of the our Provincial’s  Newsletter – March 2023 – is here. “May this Lent and Easter inspire you to live a virtuous life, to desire a great holiness and perfection in your priestly ministry. Virtuous priests are needed to spread the Easter message of Christ who Resurrected to proclaim the [...]


Election of the next Provincial superior confirmed

In recent weeks the community of New England Province has got through the process of electing the next provincial superior. After more than one round of voting by all Provincial Confreres, the winner was elected. At the beginning of the Holy Week the result has just been approved by the Superior General and his [...]


Celebration of Diamond and Silver Priesthood Anniversaries

Most of the Confreres of our Province gathered in DePaul Provincial Residence in Manchester, CT on Wednesday, May 8. They came to celebrate priestly ordinations anniversaries which are commemorated in May and June this year. We have four Jubilarians this year: two “Diamond” and two “Silver”. [...]


2019 Provincial Assembly and the Foundation Day

NEPCM Jan19 02

Confreres from all over the New England Province of the Congregation of the Mission gathered at DePaul Residence, Manchester, CT for triennial Provincial Assembly which was held on January 23 and 24, 2019 prior to the Foundation Day which celebration closed the event on January 25.