O Hope of Israel

“O Hope of Israel” is a traditional prayer for vocations in the Congregation of the Mission.
It was created by St. Vincent de Paul.
Prayed daily during Evening Prayer by all members of the Congregation.

Its Savior in time of trouble,
Look down with kindness from Heaven.
Take a close look at your vineyard,
And provide whatever is necessary for it.
Swell its streams, increase its fruit,
And bring to maturity the vineyard
Which your right hand has planted.
Indeed, the harvest is great,
But the laborers are few.
We ask therefore, Lord of the harvest:
Send laborers into your harvest.
Multiply your people and increase their joy
So that the walls of Jerusalem may be built up.
This is your house, O Lord God,
This is your house.
Let there not be in it, I beg you,
Even one stone which your holy hand
Has not placed there.
Preserve in your name
those whom you have called
And make truly holy. Amen.

Saint Joseph, pray for us
Saint Vincent, pray for us