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Official Website and Social Media during XLII Assembly General

Superior General, Father Gregory Gay CM has just announced the official website and social networks where you can follow the General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission starting June 27 in Chicago, IL.



Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in the Provincial House

We had a wonderful time here in DePaul Residence in Manchester on Thanksgiving Day. Almost half of the Province members were present. From various  houses. The Youngest and the seniors. It was a great opportunity to let fraternity and community grow. It was a great time to share. We believe all of you [...]


Pope’s Message for the 45th World Communication Day

“Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age” is the theme of the annual message of Pope Benedict XVI for the 45th World Communication Day. It will be observed worldwide on coming Sunday, June 5. In his address Pope invited Christians to join online social networks in order to spread [...]


Provincial House under snow… plenty of snow

“When it is winter, it is cold. This is the law of nature”, said a stoker to his boss by phone in one famous Polish comedy. Living in Eastern coast we can say, “when it is winter, it snows”. And it snows a lot. 16 inches? 20 inches? Who knows? After couple of [...]


Superior General writes on use of new technologies in the mission

“The world is not now what it once was, nor is it what it will be”, says Superior General, Rev. Gregory Gay CM in his letter released today, on use of new technologies in communication and mission. “Just twenty years ago few in the Congregation had any awareness of how the world would [...]


2010 annual retreat for the Confreres

Common Rules of the Congregation of the Mission emphasize the importance of regular spiritual exercises for Priests of the Mission. Thus, each year, every member of the community has to take part in five days retreat. This year 19 of the Confreres of New England Province came in to the Provincial Residence in [...]