The Call

Did you hear the call?
Are you hearing Jesus calling you?
Do you want to answer God’s call?
Would you like to preach the Good News to the poor?
Would you like to follow Jesus and St. Vincent de Paul?

Thinking About a Vocation?

  • You have some sense of a ‘call’ from God.
  • You want to be involved in church ministry and also live in a supportive religious community.
  • You want a way of life that relates to the modern world.
  • You want to join a religious order that has a great variety of ministries.
  • You want to be supported and challenged in your faith life.
  • You want to join a religious order that emphasizes ministry with the spiritually & materially poor and neglected people.
  • You are in reasonable health.
  • You have completed secondary education.

Why Not Contact a Vincentian?

Any Vincentian Priest or Brother, in any Vincentian staffed parish or ministry will help you look further at the possibility of a Vocation and talk to you about community and ministry and tell you about St Vincent de Paul and his work with the poor and neglected.

If you want to learn more about Congregation of the Mission – the Vincentians -
contact any
Vincentian Parish or

Vocation Director: Rev. Sławomir Szucki CM

St. Stanislaus Kostka Rectory
607 Humboldt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222