The new elected General Council

On the twelfth day of Assembly our true Spirit sent to us the new elected General Council of the Congregation of the Mission. After morning Mass lead by Visitors of Italy the Assembly gathered for election of another four members of General Council. The First Assistant which is Vicar General was elected yesterday. Today the community received new members of the Council. As it was agreed following suggestion of Superior General last week this time the Council will consist of five councillors – one from Latin America, one from Africa, one form Asia, one from United States (not this time, as Superior General is American) and one form Western Europe and one from Eastern Europe. The election was completed after 11:00 a.m. in Paris (0500 in New York) after there was need to call one of the elected members, who is in Mozambique to recive his acceptance of election.

Watch glimpses from election of Vicar General
and General Assistants

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Members of new elected General Council present at the Assembly

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Rev. Francisco Javier ÁLVAREZ MUNGUÍA CM
Vicar General, First Assistant General

Director General of Daughters of Charity, Spanish Province of Madrid. Born 20 March 1954, 36 years of vocation, ordained 8 November 1982

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Rev. Yosief Woldemichael ZERACRISTOS CM

2001 – 2010 Visitor of  Province of Saint Justin de Jacobis (Eritrea). Translator during present General Assembly. Born 29 January 1961 in Hebo, Eritrea, 27 years of vocation (since 16 May 1983), ordained 4 August 1991

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Since 2006 Visitor of  Province of India South. Born in Cheranallour, Kerala, India,  23 May 1960. 28 years of vocation (since May 11, 1982), ordained 6 January 1987. He studied Moral Thology at St. Thomas University, Rome. Missionary in Ethiopia for twelve years where he worked as Vincentian and diocesan seminarians formator. He did so in India, too. Provincial Councilor in Ethipia and in India. Also Provincial Assitant in India. Between 2005 and 2006 he served as CM Procurator General at the Holy See.

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Brazilian Province of  Rio de Janeiro.  Since 2007 Director of Daughters of Charity in Mozambique. Born 4 October 1953 in Brazil, 38 years of vocation (since 1 July 1972), ordained 25 July 1979.  Until 2004 Visitor of Province of  Rio de Janeiro. Thus he participated in the XL General Assembly in 2004.

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Rev.  Stanislav ZONTÁK CM

Province of  Slovakia. Currently Visitor of Province of Congo. Born 25 September 1961 in Brezovicka, Slovakia. 29 years of vocation (since 27 September 1982), ordained 15 June 1986. He  worked as  assistant pastor and pastor  in Slovakia and missionary in  Ukraine. In his province he superior of the house, provincial councilor, formator  of both the Internal Seminary and the Major  Seminary.  Visitor of Slovakia between 2002 and 2008 and from 2008 to 2009, Director of the Daughters of Charity there between 2008 and 2009.


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