Superior’s General 2013 Lenten Letter in eight languages online and mobile [QR Codes]

GGG-Lent-banner-QR-NEPpost As we did in the past, we offer you this Lenten Letter of the Superior General in eight languages adapted for mobile devices in two ways, either as “eBook” files or as online document in .To get one of the documents you want to view, simply, scan one of the QR (2D) codes below, or the code in the picture above, and open the link in your device.  Click on the code picture to open the link in your browser or download file to your desktop if you do not have code reader app. smoothly adjusts the PDF content to either your desktop or tablet or smartphone. You can view the document or download it to your device. Polska website provides the Letter in their handle. Special apps are available for both iPhone/iPad and Android make reading documents on your device even more easier and comfortable. Click on the buttons to get the app (free) from one of the stores.

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epub-button-64“ePUB” is a common format  used in eBook readers, tablets and smartphones. The “ePUB” files are usually smaller than PDF files and more suitable to use in mobile because they are optimized for various displays, need less space in your mobile storage and use less data transfer to download. You may need to install an eBok application  in your device before you  open “ePub” files. There are lots of them available for all mobile systems.

We believe, you will find this offer useful. Any comments welcome, and suggestions of what else would you like to have in mobile formats.

QR Codes to view Lenten Letter in
(PDF: desktop and mobile devices)

QR-Lent13-Scribd-ENG-117 QR-Lent13-Scribd-POL-117 QR-Lent13-Scribd-ESP-117 QR-Lent13-Scribd-FRA-117
QR-Lent13-Scribd-POR-117 QR-Lent13-Scribd-ITA-117 QR-Lent13-Scribd-SLK-117 QR-Lent13-Scribd-DEU-117

QR Codes  of the Lenten Letter
for mobile devices (ePub)

 QR-Lent2013-epub-ENG-117  QR-Lent2013-epub-POL-117  QR-Lent2013- epub-ESP-117  QR-Lent2013- epub-FRA-117
 Lent'13 - ENGLISH (1201)   Wielki Post '13 - POLSKI (1158)  Cuaresma'13 - ESPAÑOL (1188)  Carême'13 - FRANÇAIS (1197)
 QR-Lent2013-epub-POR-117  QR-Lent2013-epub-ITA-117  QR-Lent2013-epub-SLK-117  QR-Lent2013-epub-GER-117
 Quaresma'13 - PORTUGUÊS (1139)  Quaresima'13 - ITALIANO (1162)  Pôst'13 - SLOVENČINA (1268)  Fastenzeit'13 - DEUTSCH (1199)

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