“Are You Perfect?” – Lenten Retreat Reflections

You are busy and in hurry. You are on go. Simply, you missed the chance to participate. Your agenda does not give you a chance to take part in the Lenten retreat. Or, you are looking for some additional resources during Lent. Whatever your situation and intention is, we invite you to stop by and reflect for a while. We invite you to listen (or download) to Lenten retreat reflections from St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, Brooklyn, NY which originally were delivered (in English) on Monday and Tuesday this week by Fr. Astor Rodriguez CM from Vincentian Eastern Province.

Fr. Astor L. Rodriguez CM is a Vincentian priest since 18 years. A zealous and vigorous, deeply committed to youth ministry and always enjoying contacts with other people. An Excellent, talented preacher. His sermons, as you will notice, are very special experience for everyone who listens to them. Native in Brooklyn, NY with Puerto Rican ancestors. He is parochial vicar in St. John the Baptist parish, Brooklyn, NY He speaks Spanish fluently, unfortunately he does not speak Polish except for few words.

Listen to Fr. Astor’s talk:
DAY ONE – Monday, April 4
DAY TWO – Tuesday, April 5

Thanking our Confrere from other part of Brooklyn we back up pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka, Fr. Marek Sobczak CM in his words, “Thank you Fr. Astor! We would like to thank you for finding time to be with us and for sharing with us your faith and love for Jesus! Thank you for leading us on our spiritual path toward Easter!”

Watch some pictures from the Eucharist lead by Fr. Astor Rodriguez CM


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  • Edward ( Ed ) Manassa

    I know Fr. for Many years from St. Peter, St Paul ,Our Lady of Pilar. I was unaware of this retreat But will try to catch it! I would like to know where I can e-mail him on a Priest available for the summer . Martha + I send him our Warmest Regards !

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