Memorial Day Celebration in Manchester

On the occasion of Memorial Day 2022, all the confreres of the Province gathered in the DePaul Provincial Residence in Manchester, CT to celebrate several priesthood anniversaries which happened in May.
Thanks to this anniversary event you can meet the members of New England Province. Not present at this picture are Fr. Waclaw Hlond, C.M. and Fr. Anthony Kuzia, C.M. who were not able to participate.
Pictured in the photograph are: (center, sitting) Rev. Chester Mrowka, C.M.; (standing in the front, from the left) Rev. Jan Szylar, C.M., Rev. Rafal Kopystynski, C.M., Rev. Tadeusz Maciejewski, C.M.; (standing in the background, from the right) Rev. Stanley Miekinia, C.M., Rev. Grzegorz Markulak, C.M., Rev. Roman Kmiec, C.M., Rev. Marek Sobczak, C.M., Rev. Józef Szpilski, C.M., Rev. Sławomir Szucki, C.M., Rev. Marek Sadowski, C.M., Rev. Józef Wiśniewski, C.M., Rev. Eugeniusz Kotlinski, C.M., Rev. Jan Urbaniak, C.M., Rev. Mitchell Wanat, C.M.



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