Superior General addresses Vincentian Family on Christmas from St. Peter’s Square

GGG Xmas video banner eng“Greetings from Via della  Conzilliazione, the street that leads us to the St. Peter’s Square” says Fr. Gregory Gay, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission beginning his traditional Christmas message addressed to all the Vincentian Family in the world. Watch the video or read transcription of the message below.

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Good evening my brothers and sisters of the Vincentian Family.

And greetings from via reconziliazione, the street that leads us to the St. Peter’s Square as you can see in the background.
Greetings once again, as I was here earlier this year when we opened our Year of Collaboration.

This time I’ve been distant from St. Peter’s Square because of the high security that’s around the vatican at this time. And it’s a bit later at night. I wanna do this in an environment of the coolness of the night,
a night especially when we wanna remember the night when Jesus came among us,to bring us peace,to bring us love,to bring us harmony,to bring us all good things.

We live in a world full of contrasts in these days. And because of the terrorists activities created much fear among the people.People almost paralyzed in not wanting to know what to do. Even creating senses of hope, that world can be a better place to live. And so, we live in this contrast times, and we have the different attitude as Christians.

And attitude that’s not filled with hate, not filled with disgust. But and attitude of peace, love, justice, harmony. And we have to live with the contrasts that surround us. Just by my side, here in front of some other major buildings in the Vatican, there are people sleeping; outside, in a cold.

Later on, when we finish this video we’ll go back home. We have a warm bed to be in it, to sleep comfortably. Yet don’t be here throughout the night living even in fear, sense of insecurity for their own lives.

But, we have to live with that reality. We have to also let it touch our hearts and see what we can do together with our Lords and Masters, the Poor. To change this reality we have to be able to be a people of hope a people of love
people of happiness people of joy.

That’s the message I wanna share with all the Vincentian Family as I celebrate with you my last Christmas as Superior General. Let it be the time when we can work together always as brothers and sisters doing the best we can to make this world a better place especially together with our lords and masters, the Poor.

May God in his goodness in this holy season of Advent and Christmas bring you much joy , peace and happiness not only to your families but to your communities, to your different Associations and movements, but also together with Lords and master, the Poor.

May God give us the health and the strength we need to continue to be firm in our sharing God’s love with all.

So, have a good one, and hopefully, we’ll all meet again in peace and love.


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