President of the Republic of Poland died in plane crash

At 10:53 AM local time (2:53 EST) Polish Air Force One plane with 89 passengers and 7 crew members on board crashed while an attempt to touch down at Severny Airfield near Smolensk, South Western Russia. According to official report all passengers died. No one survived the crash. Among killed passengers were Mr Lech Kaczynski, President of the Republic of Poland and his wife Maria Kaczynska, former President of Poland on exile Mr Ryszard Kaczorowski, Chief of Staff of Polish Armed Forces and Commanders-in-chief of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations; military bishops: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant of military  ordinariates of Polish Armed Forces, Governor of National Bank of Poland, two vice-speakers of lower House of Parliament (Seym), numerous Members of Parliament. All were expected to attend official celebrations in Katyn Forest commemorating 70th anniversary of massacre of Polish officers and policemen by Soviet NKVD in 1940.

Week long National Mourning was announced in all Poland starting today at noon, Saturday, April 10.
The tragedy happened in the day of Eve of Feast of Devine Mercy. Five years ago, pope John Paul II also died the day before Feast of Devine Mercy.

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May all those who died in the plane crash today rest in peace and will be welcomed in the gates of heaven.
Let us keep them, their families and friends and whole Poland in our prayers.


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