Election of the next Provincial superior confirmed

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In recent weeks the community of New England Province has got through the process of electing the next provincial superior. After more than one round of voting by all Provincial Confreres, the winner was elected. At the beginning of the Holy Week the result has just been approved by the Superior General and his Council. And yesterday, April 16, 2022 the confirmation was officially announced.

The next Provincial (Visitor) of the New England Province will be Father Marek Sobczak, C.M, presently vicar in St. Michael’s parish in Derby, Connecticut. In June 2021, being a pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka parish, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, N.Y. he celebrated 40th priesthood anniversary and 35th years of ministry in the United States of America.

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The Statues of the Congregation of the Mission revised by the last General Assembly in 2016 state, that “the Superior General, with the consent of his Council, names the Visitor for no less than three years, after having consulted at least those members of the Province that have active voice. In the same way, the Visitor can be confirmed one or more times, according to the provincial norms in force in the province, but for no more than nine consecutive years”(S68 § 1.) “The confirmation of the Superior General with the consent of his Council is required.”(S68 § 4.). 

According to this regulation Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, C.M., the Superior general,  has sent the official confirmation of the election of next Provincial to Fr. Rafal Kopystynski, C.M., Chair of the Election Board. In his letter of April 16, 2022 we read:

“Dear Fr. Rafał,
The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us always! 

On April 13 we reviewed in the Ordinary Council Meeting the letter sent by the Board of Electors of the New England Province. We have confirmed the election of Fr. Marek Sobczak as the next visitor of the New England Province. I have personally spoken with him and he has accepted. The Installation will proceed as usual on September 27, 2022. 

Please inform the Province of this confirmation and of my heartfelt thanks to Fr. Marek Sadowski for his leadership of the Province of New England for these last six years. 

Fraternally in St. Vincent, 

Tomaž Mavrič, C.M.
Superior General 

Father Sobczak will inaugurate his term of office on September 27, 2022. It is tradition in our Province that Provincial take their office on the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul.

Fr. Marek will be the ninth head of the New England Province since it was erected in April 1975.

1975 – 1975   Rev. Henry Sawicki, C.M.
1975 – 1981   Rev. Julian Szumilo, C.M.
1981 – 1987  Rev. Waclaw Hlond, C.M.
1987 – 1996  Rev. Chester Mrowka, C.M.
1996 – 2005  Rev. John Sledziona, C.M.
2005 – 2007 Rev. Roman Gorowski, C.M.
2007 – 2016 Rev. Rafal Kopystynski, C.M.
2016 – 2022 Rev. Marek Sadowski, C.M.
September 27, 2022 – Rev. Marek Sobczak, C.M.
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