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More and more we are viewing various websites and using internet services not only on our desktops but on a range of mobile devices. Mobile phone is no longer a voice caller only. Making traditional calls or even texting are only some of the functionalities we can make use of when we are on go. New functions are possible because of various applications. And there is an app for almost everything. Nobody can estimate how many “apps” are ready to use. Everyday new ones come. Now, we are giving you such application which, we hope, will make your access to our webpage ( and some other sites easier and more up to date. It’s small and simple.

From now on VINCENTIANS NEW ENGLAND APP is for you! And it’s completely free!!

The App organized in four tabs brings latest news posted on the websites of the Vincentians New England Province, St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, Brooklyn, NY and two Vincentian Family news websites in English and Polish. It was tested on iPhone, Android and Windows7 mobiles. Blackberry, Symbian and other mobiles were not verified. So were iPads and other tablets. But you can try it.

There are two simple ways to get the application on your smartphone.

One: copy the link below and type it in your phone browser and open the url. Next, follow the instructions on the screen.

Two: you can scan the QR Code below and your smartphone will download it almost automatically. This action requires QR Code scanner (or bar code scanner) for smartphone. Watch these tips how to scan QR Code

When your app is downloaded in to your smartphone open it. There is a widget which can be placed on the home screen. In settings you can set the update frequency. Now, you can enjoy it, and be up to date to Vincentian news when on go. provides another apps and feeds for Vincentians which can be downloaded in the same way as the app mentioned above. These are standard urls which you can either type in the mobile browser or scan the QR Code. See the instructions if you need.

Other screenshots of the application:


These apps will send a Vincentian quote of the day, daily reflections in the Vincentian tradition, feeds taken from daily famvin posts. Additionally, there is an app for the game “Hobson’s Choice” which simulates the harsh choices you face when living in poverty. Finally, for the moment, there is an app “Ultimate Change” which allows you to experience a fictional systemic change project through the eyes of one of seven characters.

We believe these new efforts will make your contact with Vincentians of New England and Vincentian Family easier and faster. Please, do not hesitate to put a comment below or by email to on how do you find these apps. Perhaps you have suggestions for another mobile apps which you will find helpful. Any comments and suggestions warmly welcome.


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