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Celebration of Diamond and Silver Priesthood Anniversaries

NEPCM Anniv 148 HFMost of the Confreres of our Province gathered in DePaul Provincial Residence in Manchester, CT on Wednesday, May 8. They came to celebrate priestly ordinations anniversaries which are commemorated in May and June this year. We have four Jubilarians this year: two “Diamond” and two “Silver”.

Diamond Jubilees (60th) are the experience of FR. CHESTER MROWKA, C.M., 92, ordained May 23, 195,9 in Northampton, PA; and FR STANLEY MIEKINIA, C.M., 88, ordained June 21, 1959, in Krakow, Poland. Silver Jubilarians (25th) are FR. G. MAREK SADOWSKI, C.M., 53, Provincial  and FR. JAN SZYLAR, C.M., 51 both ordained May 28, 1994, in Krakow, Poland.
First, the Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated in the chapel of the Provincial House. Provincial chaired the liturgy. Next, when the spiritual celebration was over they went to LongHorn SteakHouse, Manchester, (Fr. Chester’s favorite dining place) for a lunch and to have some fraternal sharing.
NEPCM Anniv 144
NEPCM anniv 102 F
NEPCM Anniv 16
NEPCM anniv 15
NEPCM Anniv 18
NEPCM anniv 123 F
NEPCM anniv 13
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