Prayer request for Fr. Peter Goldbach CM

[UPDATED] Father Peter D. Goldbach, C.M., member of the  Eastern Province and very long time faculty member of St. John’s University, turned 100 last August. Presumably, he is the oldest living member of the Congregation of the Mission in the world.  How many of your siblings and friends can run him up? In recent short video interview we can see how vigorous Fr. Peter continues to be. Unfortunally, yesterday in the afternoon (April 10), he had an accident. He fell in the Murray House, Vincentians’ residence in St John’s University Queens Campus in Jamaica. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Queens and is held for monitoring and medical observation there.

Confreres of the Eastern Province request Vincentian Family prayers for Fr. Goldbach health and recovery. PLURIMOS ANNOS FR. PETER!

UPDATE – APRIL 14, 2012.

Fr. John Freund CM reports: “Fr. Peter is doing quite well despite having had a very mild stroke. One story has it that when the doctor asked had he ever smoked Fr. Peter paused, thought, and said yes… but my last cigarette was in 1931! He has become something of a celebrity patient in the hospital and is expected home”.

UPDATE – APRIL 16, 2012.

Fr. Astor Rodriguez CM reports: “Fr. Peter was moved to Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home, Bayside, NY for therapy and rehab. We will see how that goes.”.

Read more Fr. Peter’s centenarian life [HERE] and watch him sharing story about his over 70 years long voaction:


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