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Fr. Edmund Gutowski – 50 years of priesthood

1960 was rich in various events: U2 plane was shot down over Soviet Union’s territory; seventy million people watched debate between J.F.Kennedy and R. Nixon, olympic games were held in Squaw Velley (winter) and Rome (summer). And the Vincentian community observed 300th anniversary of death of St. Vincent de Paul. St. Stanislaus Kostka parish, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY celebrated very special blessings – First Masses of two ordained young men from the parish – A Franciscan (Fr. Barnabas Gorski OFM) and a Vincentian.

The Vincentian priest was Father EDMUND GUTOWSKI CM. Born November 16, 1932 in Brooklyn, NY, in St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish.  Here he attended St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish School.  In 1946 he turned his steps to St. John Kanty Prep (College in those days), Erie, Penn, another Polish Vincentians staffed education institution very estimated among Polish-Americans. After graduation in 1950 he went to Niagara University, another place where he was under Vincentian tutelage. Here he recognized his vocation. In 1951 moved to St. Joseph Preparatoty Seminary, Princeton, NJ. Here he was received to the Congregation of the Mission (then Vice-Province of Poland in the USA) on June 10, 1952 and then spent another two years in Internal Seminary (Novitiate) in St. Vincent’s Seminary, Germantown, Penn. After professing temporary vows (Good Proposal) on June 11, 1954 he was transferred for rest of seminary formation to Mary Immaculate Seminary, Northampton, Penn. Here he took perpetual vows on June 11, 1957 and earned his B.A. in philosophy. On October 4, 1959 received into the Order of Deacons. Ordained priest at Mary Queen of All Saints Chapel (Mary Immaculate Seminary), Northampton,  May 26, 1960 by Msgr John A. O’Shea CM, bishop of Kanchow, China. His First Soemn Mass Fr. Gutowski sung in his home parish – St.Stanislaus Kostka, on May 29, 1960.

His first assignment, right after ordination, was in home parish – St. Stanislaus Kostka. There, he was vicar and continued his studies at College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St.John’s University, New York.  He graduated with Master’s degree in Library Sciences (MLS). In 1961 Fr. “Ed” started his career as teacher and educator. He was sent to St. John Kanty Prep (St. John Kanty College) in Erie, Penn as teacher and librarian.  He stays in Erie until it’s closing on June 8, 1980. Meanwhile in 1976 – 1978 he was Provincial Consultor.

Later, in the same year Fr. Gutowski was sent to missionary work abroad. He spent some months of 1980 in Algeria involved in the missions. And in 1981 started his work in Istanbul, Turkey. Vincentians from Province of Austria run prestigious St. Georgs-Kolleg (St. George’s Austrian High School). It was founded in 1880 and since the beginning Austrian Vincentians keep governance of the High School according to Austrian education system (Austrian education authority supervises the school).

In 1988 Fr. Edmund returned to United States being assigned as archivist in the Provincial Residence in West West Hartford, Conn. He held this position until 1991 when he returned to Istanbul again. In 1994 back in New England and sent as vicar to St. Stanislaus Parish in New Haven, Conn. In 1995 moved to his home parish (St. Stanislaus Kostka) as parochial vicar. Additionally, in 2000 – 2003 was Superior there. Since 2004 Fr. Ed stays in DePaul Provincial Residence, Manchester, Conn. again as Provincial Archivist.

You can also read an article republished from PATRON, parish bulletin of St. Stanislaus Kostka about Fr. Gutowski’s way to priesthood.

The Golden Jubilee celebrations will be held in Fr. Ed’s home parish – St. Stanislaus Kostka, Brooklyn – at the Mass of Thanksgiving at 9:00 AM, Sunday, May 30, 2010.

We wish Fr. Edmund abundant graces from Jesus, the Eternal Priest, in his life, health and Vincentian ministry.
May the Lord bless and protect you Father!


3 comments to Fr. Edmund Gutowski – 50 years of priesthood

  • Fr. Ed, Congratulations! I know this is a little late. You’re looking very well in your photo. Hey, I told my children how Father Ed taught us to eat soup. When you get near the bottom of the bowl, you tip the bowl away from you, place your spoon at the bottom, and sweep it away from you to get the last spoonfuls of soup. (Did I remember that correctly?) Visit and if you can, it would be great to see you in Erie on Sept 15-18 for the 2011 Reunion. We are going to open it up to former Priests, Faculty, Coaches, Staff, and Friends of Kanty. Take care, Father Ed. Thank you for everything… not just the soup technique! — Mike Trott (G77)

  • John / Sandra Leszczynski gr 1962

    Father Father.. Five decades for both of us!!!!!!! Can’t believe a web site has reunited us.
    Almost fifty years ago, you as a rookie priest and me as a recent grad from Kanty and a Niagara grad were on our way.
    You gaciously spent several days with us as newlyweds way out on the east end of LongIsland.
    fast forward and now you are in your 50th year…. And we are celebrating our 45 th year of marriage.
    A lot balder and grayer…. Three grown children… A retired Phd in education after 35 years in the classroom and so much more.
    Living in Tampa……. where WE would LOVE to reunite with you if at all possible… Any time and if in any way we could be of help to make this happen.
    Large home…beach…golf course….pool… Etc
    Still share our bedroom with the statue of “Our Lady” that you gifted us with way back when.
    Please get back to me with any thoughts you might have regarding any sort of reunion.

    John Leszczynski @ 813 973 2086

  • Greetings and God Bless,Father….
    I was born and raised in Greenpoint, a member of St. Cecilia’s parish.I always went to St.Stan’s during Lent…because they had an early Mass and I could get back home,have breakfast and be on time for school….St. Cecilia’s !! I’d meet a friend from Humboldt St there each morning. ….BUT…I have been looking for information on Bishop O’Shea, who is my mother’s 2nd cousin.We still have family in Deep River,CT who knew him and kept track of him while he served in China.I never met him or the Deep River O’Shea family until I decided to look them up about 10 years ago.My mother’s father was younger than his Deep River brother who came to the U.S. well before him and they had a different mother…so they were in infrequent contact..I always heard about John O’Shea and when I saw he ordained you…a fellow Greenpointer I couldn’t believe it.
    I am a member of St. Mary’s Parish in Ridgefield,CT (we live close by in South Salem,NY) and learned that Bishop O’Shea lived on Old West Mt. Rd. in Ridgefield for a while before returning to PA. Hope this isn’t too much information, but it is an example of six degrees of separation……Congratulations on your 50th.I just had my college 50th and it is an awesome milestone…Bernadette Kivlin Langenstein (Hausman St/Greenpoint ) now: 7 Twin Lakes Rd.,So.Salem,NY10590

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