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Mourning Mass at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church – introduction to liturgy

Hundreds of faithful came in to St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, Greenpoint, Brooklyn for 11:30 Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 11. The church in the heart of so called “Little Poland” was packed up with standing room only. Parishioners came. Polish Americans living in Tri-State came. Friends of  Poland came. This special Eucharist was dedicated to victims of plane crash near Smolensk and Katyn, President of Poland Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and 94 others.  Here we are publishing words of introduction to the Liturgy by Pastor,  Fr. Marek Sobczak CM.   (Tekst po polsku jest oddzielnym  wpisem).

~~ ~~ ~~

The Love of Risen Christ and trust in His Mercy gathered us here today. But in this joyous day our hearts are filled with pain and ineffable sadness, because today we are facing the majesty of death. “Majesty is something that surpasses a human, something which one has to bow his head before” – said Bishop Tyrawa of Bydgoszcz [diocese in Northern Poland]. Indeed, the Majesty of death surpasses our understanding and this kind of sense, that our Homeland and all of us have received one more sorrowful experience.

Five years ago, in the Eve of Divine Mercy Sunday our great fellow Pole, John Paul II has passed to the house of the Father. Yesterday, in the Eve of Feast of Divine Mercy, God has called to His presence another great Pole, First Citizen of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Lech Kaczynski, the President of the country. And again, the Feast of Divine Mercy turns us to stop in reflection.

Chalice is standing on the altar, in which, after consecration, wine will transform into Most Holy Blood of the Savior – the One shed on the cross for every person sake, for Salvation of those, recognize Christ as Savior. This chalice is a personal gift for our Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish from Mister President, Lech Kaczynski and Maria, his Consort. We received this gift on September 25, 2007 when First Couple prayed in our church. They sit in the front raw.

What a meaningful symbol of two sacrifices – one of Christ and other, of the President. Both were faithful to the Truth. They devoted their life to this Truth. They walked arm in arm, fighting for truth and human welfare. It is difficult not to see fidelity of President Kaczynski in service of Christ, whom he loved and whom he lived with witnessing an example of faith and act according to the principles of this belief in Christ.

We are praying here today, that the late President might enjoy this triumph of faith from Heavens.

Praying for Father of the Nation, let us not forget other 94 participants and victims of this Katyn catastrophe. May the Divine Mercy reveals to those, who at one moment, passed from their responsible positions and from their families.
We believe, that the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters, will flourish with the good, bring peace and reconciliation among Polish people.

Seventieth anniversary of massacre in Katyn. Fifth anniversary of death of John Paul II. The tragedy yesterday. So much, so much for Polish heart to accept and understand. This is why we are seeking relief in this Liturgy, in the Sacrifice of Christ which renews on our altar. Let this Holy Mass brings help to souls of those who died, will multiply hope and peace of soul in their families and for all of us gathered here will allow to get closer to Risen Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.


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