PASCHAL TRIDUUM – Liturgical norms for celebrations

WT14-11-FBLiturgical norms for celebrations of Paschal Triduum according to ORDO – Liturgical calendar for the Vincentian Family.

Christ accomplished the work of redemption and the perfect glorification of God principally through his paschal mystery, in which dying he destroyed our death and rising he restored our life. Hence the sacredPaschal Triduum of the Lord’s Passion and Resurrection shines forth as the culmination of the whole liturgical year (LY 18).

1. By the celebration of the Paschal Triduum, that is, of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of her Spouse, the Church means to make present and to fulfill the mystery of the Pasch, the passing over of the Lord from this world to the Father.

In accordance with the tradition of the early Church, the sacred Easter fast should be celebrated on Good Friday of the Passion of the Lord and even, as suitable, extended to Holy Saturday, so that the joys of the Lord’s Resurrection may be arrived at with alert and open mind (SC, 110).

2. The celebrations of the sacred Triduum should be held only where this can be done with dignity and decorum (see above, p. 89, n. 2).

It is appropriate, therefore, that small religious communities come together in more important churches, so as to foster participation of the faithful. Likewise the faithful from a number of lesser parishes in the care of a single priest should, if possible, gather in the main church of the area to take part in the sacred rites.

Where, however, two or more parishes are entrusted to the care of a single parish priest, each parish having a considerable congregation of faithful and able to perform the celebrations with dignity and solemnity, the parish priest has the faculty to repeat the celebrations of the Easter Triduum, with due regard for other norms.

3. It is highly recommended that there be a celebration in common of the Office of Readings and of Lauds on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, so that the Christian community may meditate more efficaciously and more fully upon the Passion, in expectation of the proclamation of the Resurrection.

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