Video remarks from First week of General Assembly

cmparis10-bar-logo-480x80First week of General Assembly is over. Usually, the beginings are the most difficult and the most unpredictable parts of such important gatherings. Everything must be set up and the most important reports of past years are coming in the first days. We invite you to take short look at remarkable moments of this first six days – one week in 148 seconds.

It started on Monday in St. Vincent de Paul chapel where Holy Founder’s body is laid.  Superior General presided at the opening Mass. And at the end of the week, on Saturday, delegates gathered in the same place with Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris chairing the Mass and preaching. Another time, we can see Confreres during the Mass in the Chapel of Apparitions of Miraculous Medal, on Thursday. In our short journey we can recognized our honorable guests during the week: Sr. Evelyne Franc DC, Superioress General (on Tuesday), Andrea Ricardi of Sant’Egidio Community (Thursday), Mary O’Broin of EMBER Team (Friday), Fr. Robert Maloney (Friday) speaking on Systemic Change. As mentioned it was time of bringing reports of past activity and situation from Fr. Gregory Gay, Superior General (Tuesday), Fr. John Gouldrick, Treasurer General (Thursday) nd Brother Francisco Berbegal who talked about CIF session for brothers (Tuesday). And… we can see Fr. Thomas Stehlik playing accordion (pity we cannot hear him singing here). Enjoy!


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