Fr. Gregory Gay CM re-elected Superior General

On Thursday, July 8, 2010 in the morning delegates for The General Assembly proceeded the election of new Superior General.  Almost at 11:00 a.m. in Paris (5:00 a.m. EST)  results from the third ballot held in Aula Magna of Daughters of Charity Motherhouse brought the winner.  For another six year term of office delegates have re-elected  current, 23rd Successor of St. Vincent de Paul, Most Reverend George Gregory Gay CM.

Watch proclamation of  election results

Look at he Election Decree proclaiming the election lawful

watch how the Decree was read by Fr. Delgado

Election results were proclaimed  by Fr. Gabriel Naranjo, moderator of  today. The runner up in the ballots was Fr. Javier Alvarez CM, delegate of  Spanish Province of Madrid, Director General of Daughters of Charity.  The second runner up was Fr. Corpus Delgado CM of  Spanish Province of Zaragoza. After Fr. Gregory accepted the election, Secretary of the Assembly, Fr. Delgado read in clear Latin the Election Decree. Next, all participants gave him a standing ovation.  Afterwards, they came one by one and greeted the reelected Superior General with cordial and fraternal hugs.

Daughters of Charity lead by Superioress General Sister Evelyne Franc, who  interrupted  Confrere’s joy for a while when she came whith her greetings and best wishes, quickly joined the common joy and happiness This festival of hugs and greetings moved to the gardens and courtyard of Motherhouse at Rue du Bac.

Watch also picture gallery from the Superior General election

Fr. Gregory Gay CM was born in 1953 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.   Few weeks ago he celebrated 30th anniveersary of priesthood ordinations.  Originally, he is member of Eastern Province (USA).  When he was the Visitor of  Province of Central America he was elected Superior General during the 40th General Assembly  in 2004. During his tenure  practically, he visited all provinces of the Congregation of the Mission and most the provinces of Daughters of Charity and travelled to 72 countries of 87 where Vincentina Family is present.  His second term as 24th Superior General will end up in 2016.   Biography in “Vincentian Encyclopedia” .

[pictures: Province of New England,  films: Province of Chile]


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  • Dear Fr. Gregory Gay,
    I wanted to express my congratulations on another new term as Superior and also to mention that Padre Fabián Barrera
    -currently assigned to Montevideo, Uruguay- has been a loving pastor to many people in Argentina.

    I have heard many testimonies, one from my sister who attended one of the masses. I could only talk to him on the phone 2 years ago but I would like him to come to my city someday to celebrate Mass. He showed very humble and fraternal. I was told that he can only go to those locations where there are Vicentians ministering. I wonder if this matter could be put under consideration and I will appreciate your reply.

    †PAX CHRISTI to all Brothera and Sisters from
    Mar del Plata, Argentina

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