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Superior General for Lent 2012, “Reflect – Connect – Act”

“We live in a world filled with restlessness. Life’s demands often come upon us at a fast and furious pace. Living with the realities of war, poverty, terrorism, political unrest, economic and ecological disasters, we are a people wearied by life” says Fr. Gregory Gay CM, Superior Generalin his reflection addressed to all [...]


Superior’s General Lenten Letter for your iPhone, iPad and mobiles

Number regular users of portable devices, smartphones, tablets and ebook readers is growing rapidly. Responding to this interest once again we “went mobile” and  are offering you this year’s Lenten Letter of the Superior General, all eight language versions, in ePub format suitable for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or eBook reader. We believe, [...]


Superior’s General Lenten Letter on-line in eight languages

It is a sign of times, that Superior’s General message for Advent or Lent is published in many languages giving more people an opportunity to reflect and respond to the words of St. Vincent’s successor. The table below invites you to view the Lenten Letter in one of these languages: English, Polish, Spanish, [...]